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Things to consider when choosing your Wedding Florist.

Obviously I'm biased but flowers are the heart of your wedding day. And can help with creating the vibe you're going for i.e. Boho, Romantic, Modern or Rustic.

A few things to think about,

1. Flower Style

I feel this is an important point (hence why i made it number 1) as many Brides seem to bypass the importance of style over budget. Which I can understand, but if you're truly wanting the dream wedding, you need a florist that fits your style.

Whether be Modern, Contemporary or more wild and free style or a tight and compact style. You will notice whether the florist you have in mind has a style you like. look through their social media or website.

This is definitely something you need to familiarize yourself with, this will help once you start your enquiries to find your florist.

2. Let's Talk Budget!

They say flowers and styling amount to 10% of your overall budget. But it just depends how flower crazy you'd like to go. Always take into account a set up, delivery and collection of any hired out props fee into consideration.

3. Recommendations are Gold!

As with any company you're hiring, you want them to be reliable, skilled at what they do and within budget. Some one who is open to your idea's and listens.

I've always found word of mouth and recommendations has been my biggest form of 'marketing' if you like. Ask your newlywed friends, check out your chosen Venues Instagram page for suppliers who have used #hashtags. Looking in wedding magazines is an old tip but still a good one. Asking your other wedding suppliers is a good option also, I love it when I can recommend with confidence another supplier to a couple. I've gotten plenty of weddings from being recommended.

4. You feeling the Vibe?

Always meet up with your chosen Wedding Florist, this ensures you both can connect with one another. It sounds silly making sure you can 'connect' with your florist, but it is important that you can talk to them easily and trust them to make the right florals for your big day.

5. Receiving your quote/proposal!

On receiving your proposal from your Florist, if you feel there's still details to thrash out such as flower choices or the cost. Make sure you speak again with the florist. I can speak from experience, there's nothing more disappointing or frustrating when you've put a proposal together for a bride and you hear zero back, not even a thank you or thanks but no thanks.

If the proposal isn't within budget but you like the florist, email them back and thrash out a price (totally not saying to barter) But some arrangements may not be needed, or perhaps some arrangements aren't needed as big, meaning less flower content, meaning it brings the price down.

6. Don't Leave it too Late!

Ideally you want to secure your Wedding Florist 1-2 years before your wedding date. Especially since Covid-19 showed its face, it's meant wedding suppliers are crazy busy for 2021-2022. The good suppliers are getting booked up quickly and depending on how big your wedding is, most wedding Florists only take 1-2 weddings on per day.

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