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Inspiration to help with your Colour Scheme and Flowers for your big day!

I hear all too often my Couples saying they haven't chosen their colour scheme yet, that they're holding on until they choose their bridesmaids dresses etc.

Try imagine yourself at your venue, what colours are around you? What Textures are you looking at, even try do a 360* scan of your room. Really get a feel for your venue, this can help with the planning of colour schemes, flowers and arrangements.

In terms of flowers, this totally depends on the season (is it seasonally available?) Cost, Colour and Style (does it fit your style, your venues style?)

Here's a low down of popular Flowers and their meaning.

Dahlia : Meaning of Strength and Grace, they're versatile as they have 100's of varieties in all shades

of colours. From bright Pops of colour to the more delicious pastel tones you've ever seen.

Hydrangea : Meaning of Sincerity, Gratitude and Vanity, there heads are large and full. Meaning they can be nicer on the purse strings, since you'll use far fewer of them. Although they can give your Florist a headache as they can be a little temperamental. They come in beautiful pastel tones of Blue, Green, Pink and Purple.

Peonies: Meaning of Beauty, Happy Marriages, Prosperity and Love, they are readily available in late Spring/early Summer. There fragrance and blousy heads are such a head-turner and seem to be a firm favourite with Brides. White is of course the classic colour, followed by the lush blush. However bold and vibrant colours lend dramatic contrast to bridal dresses.

Ranunculus : Meaning of Charm, Attraction, they are such a versatile flower and come in the most amazing pastel tones, which is a favourite of mine. Or moody Burgundy which is perfect for a Burgundy colour scheme.

Roses : Meaning of Beauty, Perfection and Love, there's thousands of varieties readily available for most seasons. Roses needn't be expensive to be lovely, remember though not ever Rose has a strong scent. If you're going for the scent, check out the O'Hara Rose, my word it ticks all the boxes, scent is just wow and the ruffles!

Sunflowers : Meaning of Happiness, Good Luck, Long Life, Represent strong emotional bonds between people and the power of positive thinking. Since they are large headed, Brides often opt for only a few stems or go with an all Sunflower Bouquet. Availability is late Summer, early Autumn but generally it can be an all year round flower if purchased from the Dutch auction.

Tulip : Meaning of New Beginnings, Briefness of Life, they have a streamline profile which makes them perfect for a minimalist and contemporary wedding. They have a huge range of colours and varieties, if you're wanting something a little quirky, check out Parrot Tulips!

Tough decision right? Just have them all!!

Much Love Emma xx

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