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We know planning a wedding can be overwhelming, that's why we're here to help. We've put together our most frequently asked questions from our couples. However if you have any questions at all don't hesitate to ask!

1 / How much do wedding flowers cost?

The price of wedding flowers can vary, no two weddings are the same, therefore it's not a one size fits all approach. Our minimum spend is £1.200.00, which would cover Bridal party flowers such as bridesmaids, buttonholes, corsages etc. Minimal ceremony decor and small table centrepieces. However, if you're wanting quite a bit for the ceremony and taller table centrepieces, you're looking at anything from £1,800.00

2 / How does this whole process work?

We tend to find it helps putting an initial quote together, even if they're rough ideas. It gives you an idea of how much your wish list would cost. Once this quote is sent out, you have 1 week to decide on our services, which point a non-refundable £150.00 booking fee will confirm your booking and we'll send out your contract. You are always welcome to get in contact between booking us and your wedding date, it's what we are here for. We tend to leave the final run through around 6-8 weeks before the wedding. This is where we'll run through all flowers and delivery timings etc. Final payment is due around the 3-week mark.

3 / Can we alter our Quote after we've confirmed our booking? 

Absolutely! We totally get that your ideas change from the time of booking and our final meeting, it's completely normal! You're welcome to add items!

4 / How does the selection of flowers work?

Through your initial enquiry, we usually ask for any images you have saved or Pinterest boards as this gives you an idea of the style and vibe you're going for. This is where we put a flower recipe together for you based on the images you send over, seasonal availability and colour scheme. Our couples will say but I know nothing about flowers, we always suggest googling the flower names which we provide on your quote. From looking at an image you'll know if you like it or not. 

5 / What happens if I want a specific flower?

We never like to promise to any of our couples on a particular flower. We say and do our best, but if we can't get the specific flower, we'll always try our best to find a substitute. It's such a difficult thing to promise as we're working with good old mother nature, seasonal availability, constant importing issues and market availability. 

Instead, we use your inspo images to see the vibe and style you're going for and focus on the overall aesthetics. We love it when we can open your eyes into our flowery world.

8 / Can I take the flowers home with me after the Wedding?

Absolutely! We always encourage our couples to take the flowers or even hand them out to guests at the end of the evening. Just leave out hire out items lol

9 / Can you offer hire out items?

Yes! We offer lots more than just flowers, we can provide Candles, Tea light Holders, Lanterns, Backdrops, Neon signs, Chair Drapes, Table Runners. 

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