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Undecided what Florals you need? We've given you the down low!

Hello you lovely lot, we find ourselves in week 12 of lockdown and I don't know about you but this is the new norm to me. I'm absolutely craving to get back to creating weddings and meeting up face to face to discuss my couples ideas. So instead I thought I'd write a little blog about the florals you need to think about. I've broken it down from bridal flowers, to ceremony to venue flowers. So grab a cuppa and put your feet up and enjoy!

Let's start with the Bridal Bouquet, see it as an expression of your own personality, think about the smells you want to surround yourself with on that day. You could incorporate certain flowers that have a meaning or a memory for you.

A question I get asked often by Grooms is what Buttonhole to have?

And my answer is, it is entirely up to you and what your style is, are you going Traditional, Rustic, Laid Back etc? If you want a spontaneous and eclectic vibe, it's nice to for clusters of flower heads arranged with sprigs of foliage (you can even push the boat out and bind it with hessian string, for a laid back feel) Alternatively if you're going for a more Classic Traditional feel, you can't go wrong with a Classic Rose Buttonhole, you could contrast against the Bride's flowers or keep the flowers flowing throughout.

Something for the Flower Girl is a tricky one, this is all dependant on her age, if she is quite young, you could opt for an Artificial Wand in your chosen colour scheme and in keeping with your flowers. Imagine her twirling around in her dress and swishing it here and there like a Princess and better still she gets to keep it after the day. A Flower Girl who is above 5 years old can be a little sass Queen and likes to be "Grown Up", so I usually tend to suggest a smaller version of the bridesmaid bouquet. Other nice ideas are a single stem of a particular flower you have within your scheme, i.e. a Hydrangea. Or a sweet idea is a basket full of Rose Petals or Dried Flowers for them to scatter down the aisle.

Ah the Venue, where your flowers can make the biggest impact! Flowers can make an ordinary space, fun, exciting and unique. Try think what atmosphere you want to create? I.e. Loose, Informal, Romantic, Classic, Elegant, Dramatic, Modern, Bohemian, Chic? This can really help your suppliers through the initial stages of enquires to understand what style you are going for.

Again, imagine your Venue, go through what area's you will be using:

Your Aisle, you could use Pedestal Vases, Artificial Tree's with Plinths to create that initial impact. Chair Flowers, Lanterns/Cylinder vases down the aisle help to soften the edge with an ivory aisle runner. Flower Arch/Arbour create a focal point that can frame the two of you, this all need not be prohibitively expensive (all this can be re used throughout your venue afterwards)

Other areas to think about is the Cake Table, Gift Table, Table Plan (i.e. reuse your aisle items) these

areas are of lower impact so can be a great way to stretch that budget.

Wedding Breakfast, are you going with Low Centrepieces or High, or perhaps even both (I do like this option)

Centrepieces cause a divide on opinion amongst couples as some want the high impact Centrepieces such as the tall glass vases, gold boxed stands or Artificial Tree's (we have all btw) but wonder if all their guests will be able to see one another across the table. Check with your florist the height of their hire out items, all our items are tall enough to be seen when positioned on the tables.

Going for the mixture of high and low options is not only kinder to your wallet but I love how it creates an impact, intrigue, and different heights to a room.

If you want to check out how we can help with your special day, head to our wedding hire out page on the website!

Take Care, Much Love

Emma x x

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