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Supplier Spotlight: Imaginarium Balloon Studio

This weeks "Supplier Spotlight" is the fabulous Chloe from Imaginarium Balloon's. I first met Chloe last year at a networking event, we dressed and styled the venue together, the fabulous Lartington Hall

We immediately clicked and didn't stop laughing the whole set up, we worked alongside each other perfectly. Her brief for the event was vague, but she took it and ran with it, I absolutely loved the result! We will be able to share this Event with you all in August when the images are released onto a wedding blog (stay tuned) Chloe is one of the loveliest ladies you'll ever meet, I'm so excited as we will be working together again on a wedding in August!

How has Covid-19 affected your business?

The current world situation has brought Imaginarium to a bit of a stand still, with all weddings that were booked have been postponed until the end of July thus far. But that's okay (well today as I write this its okay) its brought me to a place where I have to slow down, recharge my batteries, and appreciate the quiet because I know Imaginarium is not alone in this situation and as awful as it is now we will get back to normal. And I will be full of new ideas and inspiration for special moments.

To prospective couples I'm still emailing and chatting about beautiful ideas for future wedding. It's a real gift to have so many sources for imagery via social media and venue websites, that we can make styling decisions remotely without needing to meet face to face.

To spread some joy I've converted my social presence to be spaces for pretty distraction as that is I want from social media at this time; beautiful imagery that makes me smile as I scroll.

What designs are hot right now?

Balloon Hoops are really popular at the moment they are a lovely take on the balloon wall but less bulky but look and feel decadent.

Something that has really started coming in last summer are balloons in outdoor spaces. If your wedding venue has lawns or gardens where you and your guests plan to have drinks or even your ceremony. It's a lovely way to bring your colour scheme into the green areas or even guide your guests around your venue.

Any particular colour schemes that seem popular at the moment?

Classic white is always a popular one for weddings, its fresh and bright adding fun shapes and textures. Soft pinks and blush are beautiful tones that work wonderfully with the dried floral trends while keeping things light and dreamy.

Custom Colours are here to stay, custom shades create a beautiful depth to colour schemes as well as creating new shades that will match more unique colour palettes. A sparkle of gold or rose gold is always a pretty addition too.

Top Tips for getting the most out of your wedding balloons?

To get the best out of your wedding balloon styling start looking for balloon styling at the same time as your florist/venue dresser. So your suppliers can work together to make things picture perfect and well balanced.

Something site specific that's possibly never been done at your venue will make the styling unique and bespoke to your special day.

The perfect placement/location could mean that a grand balloon installation is the welcome to the wedding, the backdrop for the drinks reception then a fabulous photo opportunity for your 'just married' pictures as well as candid's & selfies.

Plus you can't go wrong with a few giant helium balloons for fun snaps! Another tip is to let your photographer know that you would like make sure that the styling choices you've made end up in key images, you've spent a lot of time creating your dream setting you want to see it in the album.

What will be popular for next year's wedding trends?

I think next year we will see a rise in WOW factor, making weddings even more magical as we will be out the other end of this crisis we will all be ready to celebrate.

I also think we might see more colour in weddings, vibrancy and fun, maybe metallic giving way to iridescent chrome.

But I will also say to lovely prospective couples planning weddings, go with whatever you love - its your day and your memories you are making. Go with what makes you happy! Drop us an email to ask any questions!

Like what you've seen from Chloe? Check out her website

Much Love Emma xx

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