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Planning a Proposal? Here's our guide to planning one at Home.

Congratulations on choosing to propose to your other half! We thought we'd put together some idea's to help with your home Proposal. Get comfy, grab a cuppa and take notes.

First up is a cutie, a Scavenger Hunt, around the house. The clues can be your memories together,

places you've visited, gigs you've both gone to etc. With the final clue being you getting down on one knee.

Next up, do you play an instrument? You serenade he/she with their favourite song or YOUR song (We can't help with this, if you don't know what your song is maybe skip this idea :') )

How about a cosy night in...(are you picturing it) a roaring fire, chilled bottle of vino, beautiful bouquet of flowers on the table, take away on the way and Netflix on the box.....then you get down on one knee. a relaxed but a very personal touch.

You could add Candles and Rose Petals to that idea (which you know The Petal Studio can help you out with) this will add such a romantic ambience. You could even spell out "Marry Me?" in Rose Petals, er hello how bloody gorgeous!

Alternatively if you've got a Pet who is willing to play ball (Pun totally intended) you could include them in the proposal, hang a cute little sign around their neck "Will you Marry Me?" Be so hard to say no to that? You could go along the same lines if you have a new born or toddler (nothing round their necks, just putting that out their) but you could get a baby grow or t shirt printed with a message on. I've seen that before on social media and my word totally beautiful!


dding Fairy lights as well as candles makes for such a dreamy setting. You can get battery powered or plug in fairy lights. I personally prefer battery just for ease, if you don't have a plug socket near by they're handy.

Something a little different is to get a cake maker to make a cake with a personal message on, "Will you marry me?" "Say Yes?" what better way than to say it with cake :-)

We hope you like our Proposal at Home Idea's

just in time for Valentines Day <3

Much Love Emma xx

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