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Peony season is here!!!

It's creeping slowly into wedding season for us. April's starts us off by dipping our toes in with 3 weddings following on into may with plenty of weddings, plunging our feet firmly in the water. I do love April and may weddings just purely for the spring flowers. Everyone is always so shoot to see the array of colours and varieties of spring flowers after a cold and harsh winter.

I absolutely love using seasonal flowers in weddings, not only is it more cost effective for the couple, it's easier for is the florist to get better quality flowers that are readily available. But also why wouldn't you want what nature has to offer in that season? I would say my favourite season is that time between spring and summer. The moment we welcome peonies back, the blousy, fluffy heads that smell divine, my heart sings with happiness. Last year it seemed Peonies were available well after their season finishes, much to my delight. They usually grace us with their presence late April until late July/early August, however last year I was using them well into September. Then of course there's Dahlia's, they help mend our broken flowery hearts from the end of Peony season. I'm partial to a full Dahlia head, the riot of colours they offer are

amazing. From deep burgundy, lipstick red to the most beautiful peachy tones, my word!  Here's to a fabulous wedding season with some dreamy blooms!

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