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Are Smaller Intimate Weddings such a Bad Idea?

How many of you have fund it totally overwhelming the thought of having to invite 100+ guests to your wedding? Who to choose to invite and who to drop? Would it cause an argument if you didn't invite your auntie sue (who's technically not an auntie) or maybe eloping has crossed your mind?

What about if you have the same vision, all the fixtures and fittings but on a smaller scale. We're talking 10 guests, 25 max? With the people you actually want there (you know you're thinking it)

And still have everything to make it YOUR wedding, Stationary, Flowers, White Wedding dress and Cake.

Creating a wedding on a smaller scale will give a cosy, intimate feel. You'll be able to choose what your money goes on and what's important to you both. You'll be able to make memories with each guest and actually have lasting conversations. By decreasing your guest list it should give you a larger budget to work with, hurrah!!

Now you have fewer people on the guest list, you can be a little more adventurous on your venue. Instead of that grand wedding venue, you could opt for a unique space in a bar, restaurant or hotel suite. Many have stunning décor, like The Lost and Found Leeds Club has an amazing 'secret room' surrounded by Blossom branches. If you're more into dark and sultry, then hit Dakota Leeds up, the food is insane! Alternatively if you have a big enough family home, you could use a Marquee or Tipi company to come and set up in your garden. They can organise all the furniture and a bar company to serve you and your guests!

If your heart is still set on that large venue, you can get creative by coming up with lounge/chill out area's. This guides your guests into area's that you'd like them to go. You could also bring in a photobooth company to help create that fun atmosphere. Another option is to book a band to come play for a few hours, but one that doesn't have too many members of the band, you don't want them outnumbering your guests. Just know your guests and try go for something that you think they'll go for.

Other things to consider when you're getting creative is how Lights, Fabric, Flowers, Plants and Candles can set a really romantic, relaxed ambience. If you want to chat through your idea's don't hesitate to contact us.

Much Love Emma xx

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